Thursday, January 7, 2010


Panorama detail shot of one of my older and favorite of my own pieces. Shit`s huge and on this odd piece of wood I found in the gym at my high school. Basically, in high school, I used paintings like this one to give my teacher a reason not to assign me anything. I`d work on the painting for like two days out of the week, and hit on girls in my class, or go smoke cigarettes and talk with my friends for the rest of the week. I miss those days.


Thought i`d put up one of the pieces I`ve been done with for a while, but never posted.

This one`s called "sisters"

It's a really inaccurate portrait of my little cousins. I planned to give it to my aunt and uncle, but it turned out so shitty that I couldn`t possibly humiliate them when a house guest saw it. I like the way the faces turned out, because it was just a base coat of skin tone, and the shading is all graphite and white charcoal. Aside from that, my old theme of the shooting spectrum is so stupid and contrived, and the attempt at using a solid pattern for the clothing is just a rip off of Os Gemeos. I`m glad to have started getting over the rip-offs.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Detail shot

higher quality photo