Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Flood At The Foot Of The Mountains

Jude Butchard M., and I will be showing at {In}spire portraits, opening Friday, March 4th. The body of work in the showing will include the personal work of both Butchard and I, and will also include some collaborative work. This will be the first formal showing of my work in Montana.

This will also be a good time to see a commissioned mural in the alley behind the photo boutique, done legally, by me, Goo.

Photo's from both the painting process for the mural, as well as the work submitted to the show should be coming soon.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Lots of work adding up. Oddly this is just a small fraction of what's finished now. Keepin the rest waiting for better photos, pre-show. Having a lot of fun. Been working in the basement of morning light coffee roasters as a sort-of studio space. The lil wooden ufo piece above along with the couple wagon pieces and that mountain range are all on little scrap wood blocks. The piece directly below is a collaborative piece with Jude Butchard. Got a second one of those in the works. Under that is a mural in that fore-mentioned basement. The bluethroat is a canvas piece I find pretty boring. Then those little wooden blocks, then sketches and drawings.

Should have more soon as most of the work for the show is finished. But I keep pumping out more, so that's more I may like enough to show you readers. Anyways, That's all I really got.

P.S. Great Falls has gotten really fuckin cold again. like 10-20 degrees below zero (Fahrenheit.)