Friday, April 22, 2011

Show 2 montana

You as excited as I am?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I know... It's about time.

First off this is the Morning Light deep V competition. lol I won because I pulled a hulk and ripped the v to new depths. Top left is me, top right is Jude, bottom left Levi, bottom right Matt. Good bro's.
Mural I put up for inspire portraits. I think it turned out well.
Bluethroat SOLD
This is one of Jude's signature 2 tone mountain pieces. Love his work. solid dude.
Cloud piece framed in barnwood. Fuckin frame fell apart during set up. hate that situation, but I fixed it.
Now this one is kinda a laugh. First one to sell, and fastest to paint.
Sunrise in the Little Belts. All three sold.
Collab with Jude. One of my faves I've ever been involved with.
'nother collab with Jude. Chief Sleeping Bowl/Bull
'Nother collab with Jude. SOLD.

Here's a very incomplete update of what the art life has been lately. I had that show with Jude Butchard M. at Inspire Portraits that went really well. Huge turnout. I apologise for both the timestamps and shitty few shots of the artwork at that show. I was half-drunk and felt like spending time with the buddies. Anyways here's a lil some some for ya.

I wanna put a new sketchbook post up soon, got alot of doodlez for ya. Got a show coming up at Machinery Row. More to come soon. and I mean it. I'll stop my slackin'.