Friday, June 3, 2011


Electric City Creative Art Party! (Group Show)
I had 10 pieces up in this show. One of them didn't get it's picture taken. Other than that the immediately above and below pieces are my contributions. I am pretty stoked on them.

Setup (nothing like fruited malt liquor in the morning)
40 minute Collab between Sara Rowley, Chris Miller, Rachel Kaiser, and myself.
My breh Butchard M.'s work. The drummer for floods. If this show was an art contest he had my vote as the winner.

Talkin to Sara R. and playing bass in Floods. I love the fuzz bass. Anyways this was a great show. I had a really good time, and I'd actually give my new body of work like a solid B-.

BIG Thanks to ECC at !

Gotta get shots from the show at Taco Del Sol I never followed up on here. See ya!