Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Workin hard/hardly workin

Here's a piece I finished for a group show in january or february.
once framed, this'll be in the fore-mentioned show as well.
In progress illustration.
Studio Gallery shotz.

So basically I still suck, but I`m starting to not suck. I feel a lot more inspired, and am trying to get some painting chops I feel that I need. Making sure not to take the shit seriously and be whimsical, until a definite big show is thrown at me. I hope it's not too far off.

Monday, December 20, 2010

We were galloping manic...we were swallowing panic.(jullian)

Norman Rockwell study. based off of the painting 'freedom of speech." That guy was one naive patriot. But goddamn...some painting skillz.
Quick and simple piece. This is one of three twelve by twelve canvasses with similar designs. comment if you want to see the series together. anyways, It`s based off of a photo I took on a ridge in the Little Belt mountain range. beautiful, beautiful, place and a great hike.
Velociraptor :) I wish I could make a living drawing exclusively dinosaurs.
Leo DaVinci Study. Pen and ink is so goddamn fun.

The rest of these are just sketches. Good not seein ya, readers :) sleep tight and, well, fuck off.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sir Nicholas Alforde, the Noble

From here we embark.
Start on the face, then hair, then clothing.
Throw in the hilt of a sword, some hands, and some frilly cuffs.
Finish the sword in sheath, and give him a big collar, and a Scottish style necklace.
Cover that whacky exposed arm, and give him a new set of frilly cuffs. And with touch-ups on the hair you've got a finished piece.
Detail of hand holding sword in sheath.

Detail of the collar and Scottish necklace.

Proportions are a bit off but the shading is nice. Give it a B-